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Founded in 2017, Cairo 3A is a market pioneer in the poultry industry with a highly advanced and innovative vertical integration system that delivers quality and success on matchless scale.

Having achieved phenomenal growth over the last years, We are proud to say that this has allowed us to be the exclusive supplier of Hubbard grandparent stocks in Egypt. Besides our farms and hatcheries, Cairo 3A Poultry provides premium poultry feed that guarantees success in attaining healthy chickens. Having our own distribution system along with our fleet enables us to deliver our products to reach our customers in a reliable and functional manner. What truly differentiates us from other companies in the market is our full control over all stages necessary from grandparent’s stage all the way to slaughterhouse.

Cairo 3A Poultry is an international HUBBARD exclusive supplier and distributor of Grandparent and Parent Day Chicks in Egypt.

Hubbard is the uncontested leader in the global market for Premium chickens, and we take pride in collaborating with the reputable global distributor.

location 2C3F+M49, New Cairo 1, Cairo Governorate 4723113, Cairo

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